Lewiston Orthodontic Office

Bret B. Christensen, DDS, MS

Christensen Orthodontics
77 Southway Ave. Suite D
Lewiston, ID 83501

Phone: (208) 798-4427
Fax: (208)743-4807
On Call Phone (For after hours or days closed): (208) 791-6393


2018 Administrative Mondays Closed (closure is for scheduled patients but office is open to receive calls, make payments, pick up wax or rubber bands or be seen for an orthodontic issue i.e poky wire, etc.  Please call the front desk or on-call phone before coming in to the office for an orthodontic issue.  These dates are subject to change)

January 29th
March 12th
April 2nd
May 7th
June 4th
July 16th
August 16th (Thursday before Fair)
September13th (Thursday before Fair)
September 20th (Thursday before Fair)
September 24th
December 3rd

Office Hours:
Monday 7am-5pm (Lunch 12pm - 1pm)
Tuesday 7am-5pm (Lunch 12pm - 1pm)
Wednesday 7am-5pm (Lunch 12pm - 1pm)
Thursday 7am-5pm(Lunch 12pm - 1pm)
Friday Closed