Meet Dr. Christensen

As I see lives transformed through orthodontics, airway treatment, expansion and tongue-tie releases, I jump for joy! Each patient who can now sleep better, no longer has pain nursing their new baby or is off their C-Pap, makes what I do every day worth it. I am so excited to go into the office each day and visit with my patients and their families. I get to change lives for the better, and there's nothing better than that.

Airway Treatment

Airway Treatment
for you and your family

To ensure whole-body health, we offer comprehensive airway screenings and personalized treatment options for all patients.
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Cutting edge

Dr. Christensen is only one of five orthodontists in the United States who is board certified in Sleep Medicine by the American Sleep and Breathing Academy.
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Treatment for Sleep Apnea,
Airway blockage, Tongue-Tied
syndrome and more!

Airway treatment may be appropriate for more than just snoring. Find out how our treatments can help your overall health and wellness!
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“Our daughter, Emma, was born with Turner's Syndrome, and we noticed her first permanent teeth began to erupt between the age of 3 & 4. As a dental hygienist, I knew this was early and began to wonder if Turner's Syndrome was associated with any other oral abnormalities. Through further research I learned in addition to early permanent tooth eruption, Turner's is associated with high, narrow palates, short roots on the teeth and crowded teeth. Dr. Christensen put her into an expander to help widen her narrow palate and lower jaw, which made room for her crowded teeth and she now has a beautiful smile and bite! Emma was also recently diagnosed with sleep apnea and Dr. Christensen did a cone CT scan of her mouth and upper airway right away. We were able to see very enlarged tonsils and obstructed nasal passages, which prompted a referral to an ENT to address those issues. I appreciate Dr. Christensen's integrative approach and I am always thankful for the joyful atmosphere in his office! He makes a personal connection with all of his patients, caring about their overall health and well-being and going the extra mile to help them attain it!” Patti Watson
“Dr. Christensen and his staff have made this experience well worth every step, by explaining not only the cosmetic improvement, but the several health benefits as well.
In my career, I have a constant interaction with people - and spent years hiding my smile. The confidence I’ve gained from the cosmetic improvement has set me free from my own constraints in these interactions. The health improvements have improved my breathing, allowing me to have better workouts, reduced snoring, and feeling overall better rested.
Dr. Christensen and his staff are both dedicated to making better smiles and truly improving quality of life for each patient.”
Dustin Hibbard
“We are big fans of Dr. Christensen and his staff. We first met fifteen years ago, with an orthodontic consult for one of our children. We were impressed with the professionalism and friendliness, as well as the knowledge and personal care evident everywhere in the office. That standard continues, and he is currently treating his fourth patient from our family.” The Wetmore Family
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Welcome to Christensen Orthodontics

At Christensen Orthodontics, we love improving our patients' health by improving airway and breathing as a first priority and in the end creating spectacular smiles! Dr. Bret Christensen and our team deliver personalized care, tailored to each person’s unique situation. The resulting beautiful, healthy, and confident smiles are truly breathtaking.

At Christensen Orthodontics, we provide airway centric orthodontic treatment. This allows us to look beyond teeth, helping to restore optimal health and oral function to each patient.

Some of the care we offer:

  • Clear and metal braces for children, teens, and adults
  • TMJ-TMD treatment  
  • Free sleep screening/airway testing with sleep apnea solutions
  • Clarity™ ceramic (clear) brackets
  • SmartClip™ self-ligating braces
  • Orchestrate 3D clear aligner therapy

Complimentary consultations are available at our Lewiston, Grangeville, Orofino, and Moscow, ID orthodontic offices. Schedule your consultation to learn how Dr. Christensen will make the healthy, incredible smile of your dreams a reality. Call today!

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Our Lewiston, Idaho location is our main office. Our other locations listed: Grangeville, Orofino and Moscow are satellite offices. If you have any questions about the services we provide at our satellite locations, please call our Lewiston office at (208) 798-4427.