The Frenectomy Procedure

If your baby suffers from a tongue tie, a 30-second release procedure performed by Dr. Christensen will improve the mobility of their tongue. The mobility created by this treatment will enable your child to lift their tongue to their palate, allowing them to latch and suction while nursing.

In most cases, once the lip and tongue ties are released, your baby is able to feed within minutes of the procedure in our office. Our breastfeeding councelor will be available for any help the mother may need after the surgery. For older children, this simple procedure will improve eating issues and can also help with speech. Adults will notice decreased neck and back pain and improvements in posture.

Click here to download: Pre/Post Frenectomy Exercises (Children & Adults)

Click here to download: Post-Op Stretching Exercises (Newborns & Infants)

Click here to download: Baby Mouth Massage Exercises

Click here to download: Infant Tylenol Dosing Chart

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